Master the Secrets of Financial Investments

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If you are a student and you are looking for a valuable skill that can give you some extra cash without affecting your education then this book is definitely for you.


Unemployment rate is increasing by the day. The knowledge that you will get in this book will open your mind to the enormous opportunity that are in the financial market. This book will be a stepping stone to becoming your own .


The beauty of investing in the financial market is that you don’t have to leave what you’re doing to be able to participate in it. You can be a Doctor and also a financial trader/investor. This book will show you how to achieve that.

About Author

Sanmi Adeagbo

Sanmi Adeagbo is a Professional Trader and Market Expert with over 10 years of experience – in trading, teaching and writing about Financial Markets.

He particularly loves trading the Forex, Crypto and Commodities market. He employs price pattern theories, Intermarket Analysis, Macroeconomics models and risk sentiments among other key analytical tools in his trading kits.

Sanmi is currently the Head of Education and Market Analyst at GreenWaveX (GWX), Africa.

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